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Hi Folks!

It is well known that the Internet is changing every second! And to keep my pages interesting, I change them, too!!! My Homepage became bigger, so now you have more possibilities to hang around!

I tried to create my homepage with some Java-applets doing some nice effects, but as a matter of fact, the applets are resisting tp work - means: They won't work, even if everything is configured correctly...well, sh** happens!

Well, now let's see my Homepage!

I am still working to get these stupid applets working, but they are complicated like hell, and I really don't know when the Java-version of my pages will be ready - but if I get them ready anytime, I will inform you in time!!! Meanwhile: Have fun with the "new" homepage!!!

unframed Version

framed Version

Well, that's a picture of me, taken in Roma two years ago, so it is not actual any more....

Listen to my soul!!!

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and written by Vlado Vidovic
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